our approach

Providing assistance, such as handouts or inclusive access, has been the way of helping people living in poverty. While it certainly works in many cases, for long term change we believe that the inner readiness of the poor to get out of poverty is needed as much as, or even more than the assistance they receive.

Our theory of change is rooted from our field observations that the majority of Indonesia’s poor are often unable to utilize assistance to improve their livelihood. It is unsurprising because life is very much a struggle when pressing, basic daily needs always have to be met. As a consequence, the poor are not used to think long term and act for the future.

Many live in this conditions for decades, some even for generations. Bit by bit, they may lose confidence that they can improve their lives. When hope is lost, there is no point in struggling. There is not enough drive and persistence to endure the ups and downs of exiting poverty.

There are 100 million poor and vulnerable in Indonesia. 1 in 4 falls back into poverty once every three years, according to 2014 World Bank Statistics. That is why at KKI we strive to ignite their hopes, remind them of their dreams again. We start by equipping the poor with the right mindsets and habits that enable them to support themselves. Then, we provide access to capital and savings facilities to improve their life.

We envision that people living in poverty are motivated, driven, and able to take life actions that will allow them exit poverty permanently.

Here is our 3-step approach.


Members attend free mindset-motivation training

Our mindset-motivation training goes beyond teaching technical skills. We instill confidence in our members that they can achieve their dreams.

We ignite their intrinsic motivation through Frame of Dreams; a frame where member sticks image of their dreams (such as child's university graduation, or owning a house) and hangs it on a visible spot.

The purpose is to remind the poor of their deepest heart’s wish and motivate them to act on it. New members will elaborate their dreams in front of their lending group to receive prayers and well wishes.

We also encourage savings regularly and provide tips in saving up through small, actionable steps that suit out members' conditions.

Business Loan

Members grow micro businesses utilizing access to capital

Members receive microloans only if they attend mindset-motivation training. We strive to always remind them on their life goals and why they take the loan.

The microloans are given to grow their micro businesses, starting from 1 up to 5 million rupiah. The extra income can be used to achieve their dreams or to be saved up. Loan is repaid weekly in 25 or 40 weeks.

We hope that one day our members no longer need to take loans. But through stable income and right habits, they can sustain their life.


Members save up to achieve their lifelong dreams

Savings awareness amongst low income population in Indonesia is still very low. Only 20% of the adult population has account in formal financial sector, and many do not save at all.

To encourage savings habit, we apply weekly compulsory savings that cannot be withdrawn until the loan cycle ends. At the end of loan cycle, members receive the full amount in cash.

As they understand the convenience and importance of savings, we also offer micro savings facility that accepts as little as 1 thousand rupiah. Member can deposit and withdraw their money anytime.

We offer training and savings facility free of charge.