KKI Q3 2021 Updates: Good News, Continuing Transition, and MIS Development

Dear KKI supporters,

Hope this email finds you and family well.

We are really grateful that the COVID-19 situation in Indonesia has been improving since August. We continue to pray that the pandemic would be over soon, and that all of us would stay safe and well.

Before continuing, I want to apologize for sending this report at the last minute. I will try to improve this situation in the future.

Following are the 3 main updates from the third quarter of 2021:

1. While we brought you sad news on the Q2 report, we now bring good news as KKI's COVID-19-related conditions have significantly improved.

2. Handover process from Leon continued to be done. It will progress further as 3 new team members are joining in November.

3. After 3 years of delay, we have finally started developing our Management Information System by collaborating with dotERB.

As always, we will continue to pray for you and your family. Please stay safe and well, and please kindly keep us in your prayers as well.

GOD bless and love all of us, always.

Take care