KKI Q1 2021 updates - we need your help to find our next Head of Operations!

Dear KKI supporters,

Almost 4 months have passed in 2021, and we hope you and your family are well and staying strong despite this prolonged pandemic.

In this quarterly update, we are sharing rather unusual content - which is more of a forward than backward-looking.

It is because the main backward-looking updates have been shared separately - that KKI (1) celebrated its 10th anniversary and (2) reached 10,000 members in February. In addition to that, (3) KKI's financial condition has completely rebounded and reached the before-pandemic level, as members maintained their 100% repayments and there's an increase in both average loan size and number of members.

The 3 forward-looking updates are as following:

1. KKI is going to distribute free 5 kg rice to ~10,300 members, using the unused budget from 2020, in May-June 2021.

2. We are looking for a new Head of Operations as Lucy will assume Leon's role - and really need your help.

3. We are considering to have new Head Office in the Sunter area and would really appreciate your support on this matter.

Please kindly open the following link https://tinyurl.com/htanavrm or attached file if you could not see the above pictures.

We really need your help with the Head of Operations recruitment and it will have a significant impact on KKI.

Please kindly help to think if anyone might fit and make time to share with them about KKI. We will send further information next week that you could easily forward to a potential candidate.

Last but not least, thank you so much for your continuous support for us and please stay healthy and well.

Our prayer goes with you. Take care.