one dream at a time

KKI member receives free mindset motivation training, free frame of dream, free savings account and savings book when they get micro loan from KKI. Every woman who joins KKI borrows on average 1.7 million rupiah, with interest.

As we grow to thousands of members, our financial needs grow much bigger. To this date, the need has been greatly supported by donations and loans made by kind people who believe in what we do.

Each of us can be their source of fund. You too can make their dreams come true.


to long-term solution to poverty

100% donations made to KKI go directly as micro loans to our members, unless a specific purpose is specified.

Bank: Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)

Account Name: Koperasi KASIH Indonesia

Account No.: 1223.01.000112.30.9

Branch: Mall Ambasador (Rasuna Said)

Kindly inform us at if you make donation to KKI. We will provide receipt of your donation and include your email address in our monthly report.

Thank you!


for positive change and sustainable impact

Every 100 million rupiah fund lent to KKI for 1 year translates into:

  • 275 women receiving loans
  • 275 women attending mindset motivation training
  • 220 women receiving frame of dreams
  • 275 women having savings access and facilities
  • and the INTANGIBLE POSITIVE RIPPLE EFFECTS to Indonesia’s next generation whose mothers are educated through our program

The numbers are based on conservative estimates.

Loan terms

  • Tenor: 3 months - 1 year
  • Amount: min. 50 million rupiah, and multiples of 50 million
  • Agreement: Signed by both party on meterai
  • Rate: 8% - 13%, please contact us for further information


  • Interest income earned will be taxed at lender's income tax rate


  • Lenders are welcome to come and visit KKI operations with appointment.
  • We will send lenders quarterly report for progress updates

Please contact us should you have any query.