in a sustainable way

KKI was founded by Leonardo Kamilius in 2011, with Lucyana Siregar as co-founder. At 25, they had a strong calling to make significant positive impacts to help others in need. When they first started, both did not take any salary for a year. They chose one of the toughest area in Jakarta, Cilincing, that is home to 20 thousand poor households.

Leon and Lucy started by learning and adopting Grameen model, pioneered by Mohammad Yunus who won a Nobel Prize for developing microcredit. In subsequent years, the model was adjusted further to serve urban poor in Jakarta slums.

KKI currently serves ~9,800 members in our 5 branches that cover Cilincing, Priok, Sukapura, Cakung, and Koja areas all in North Jakarta. Our members are women who earn USD 1-5/ day and run micro businesses. KKI has grown to 60 employees today, and disbursed more than USD 10 million dollar in microloan since establishment.

KKI's vision is for Indonesia's poor to exit poverty for good and our mission is to empower them with mindset-motivation training and microfinance services. One day, we dream to become that one institution that deeply cares and extensively knows how to best serve the poor in many different areas beyond financial access.


achieving dreams

Over the years, KKI has been tremendously supported by people who believe in what we do. The first billion of capital to establish KKI in 2011 came purely from donations. The donors ranged from C-level executives to primary school students. Along this journey, we found many kind supporters who shared their experience, knowledge, and passion with us.

As we grow, now we are able to provide returns to money lent to KKI by our supporters. We are very grateful with the tremendous trust given to manage the loans, which will allow us to help more poor and vulnerable achieve their lifelong dreams.

Join us in our journey to battle poverty. It's only a prayer away 🙂